Recepion is open from 8:00 to 24:00, there are night keys available for a 5€ deposit (This is a good idea to ensure that you won’t get locked out at night)


Check-in & Check-out time
check-in is 14:00pm & check-out is 10:30am


Luggage Deposit
You can leave your luggage in the living-room during the day of your check-out


Transport Information
public transport sometimes seems difficult to use in the south of Italy, but don't fear! The team at 6 Small Rooms is well up to date and can help you to find out how and where you need to go


City Map
We have created our own map of Napoli for you when you check-in, with all the recommendations you need for your stay with us. Please remember though, there is so much to see and do in Napoli so it is also a good idea to ask reception staff more questions


You can lock up your valuables and documents if you want, ask at the reception


We offer free printing for travel tickets relating to your stay in Napoli


Taxi & Restaurant Booking
please ask at the reception, we can call for you